Nora Aziz Quotes

Besides leaving my art in makeup and fashion, the words of wisdom from me often in anticipated by the fans to encourage them ~ which maybe if I no longer in this world, my words of wisdom will continue to be embedded in their minds ~ 

1)  "Inspiration that I have are endless" ~ Nora Aziz ~

2)  "People who like to think only awake and glow at night" ~ Nora Aziz ~
3)  "They gave way and I will provide an opportunity" ~ Nora Aziz ~

4) "If this is my livelihood! You give me your guidance!" ~ Nora Aziz ~

5) "Wise not only in words but the sense" ~ Nora Aziz ~

6) "Selected model is not only stylish, but also bring a good image for the company" ~ Nora Aziz ~

7) "Inspiration comes from the gifts of God and not abstruse in fate" ~ Nora Aziz ~

8) "Reveal your lucky as "Stailista" because life is to get dressed & stylish" ~ Nora Aziz ~ 
 (in commemorate my truly friend Anwar Razali ~ Chief Editor ~ Stailista Magazine)

9)  "If the make-up can paint faded to a happy face ~ then highlight it with right good behavior then you are a very perfect in the eyes of all" ~ Nora Aziz ~

10)  No matter who you are fat or skinny, beauty or beast ~ dark or white ~ the style is the property of every human nature ~ just believe the beauty in you ~ Nora Aziz ~

11) "If someone said they were not great, but the fact they are" ~ Nora Aziz ~

12) "Hit once does not mean to be hit several time ~ it make up of life" ~ Nora Aziz ~

13) "We do not need to be rich on achieving our dreams, just imagination and effort to implement it"
~ Nora Aziz ~ 

14)  "Be yourself and not become someone else" ~ Nora Aziz ~

15) "Today we might lower a person's perspective, but life is a long journey to come ~ will come the time we need the help of people we have despised" ~ Nora Aziz ~

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